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Casepli Answers

The enjoyable thing about Acrostic puzzles is that they don’t seem to be just puzzles that require trivia information. I have Game Cheat solved many a puzzle with out realizing among the key answers to the clues given.

I agree with other commenters who are deeply saddened, angered and upset concerning the lack of the printed acrostic. TheTimes appears to haven’t any bother lately adding on costly new features-a useless glitzy sports journal, more and more and more decor and fashion dietary supplements that includes dear gadgets most of us can’t afford-but loyal readers are deprived of a simple pleasure like the Acrostic. The observe at the backside of the June 21st puzzle page says Acrostic is online.” HA! Try to seek out it. I still have not been able to find the link. Luckily, my search did lead me to this web page and let me know I’m not alone in my dismay.

All of those had been either published or supposed to be printed within the Loop. (The first appeared in the closing challenge of its predecessor, the Ticket.) In the case of the last three, I had gone solely as far as to search out the quotations and did not really create the puzzles till preparing them for posting right here. I’m very proud that the Bushes have this puzzle and 5 – 6 others on Walker’s Point,” said Hollis, whose 1,000-piece Fenway Park puzzle is a prime seller that took him 60 hours to finish. Glad to see Emily and Henry stay essentially the most prolific constructors. Please keep those acrostic puzzles coming!

I’m adding my voice to those of the opposite posters who are devastated by the removal of the acrostic from the magazine. My mom and I actually have been doing the acrostics for years and stay up for them every different week. I agree with L. Menand who suggests that there’s loads of dreck” in the journal that might be removed to make room for the acrostic. My mother is 81 Game Culture years younger, and whereas she’s a crack acrostic solver she’s not as facile with the computer. If I hadn’t been able to come over and print this one out for her she would have missed it fully. Shame on the Times for rising the price and attempting to get us to just accept the inferior KENKEN” in place of the acrostic. The dumbing down of the country is in every single place….

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